Eilif (a-lif) Diamond

Tatical outrider, Gets the job done,

Eilif Diamond

6’ 3"
Long black hair.
His whole body is covered with scars from intense training.
Outrider of the Grendel Ragnarok.
Pilot of the host armor Kavacha.

A polite man, but hardened by battle and training.
Not really friendly however not unfriendly.

He is a gruff looking man in his late 20’s, Son of a cowardly man, who would rather hide in a hole then fight. When Eilif was just a boy he rejected his father and the rest of his family, He chose a new name one he thought was more Fitting. He joined the military as soon as they would take him. He has been training almost all of his life. He has made him self known to his officers as the man who will do what it takes. When he was recruited into the outriders, he stood there and just looked at the mounts they offered him. For six hours all he did was speak to himself under his breath, until he finally chose a mount. A Grendel, he told the geneticist what enhancements he wanted his Grendel to be upgreaded with, then started to walk away. The geneticist blinked at his as he walked away, “But what name would you give him?” Eilif gave a faint chuckle, “Ragnarok,” When Eilif was asked what kind of host armor the geneticist was expecting to have to wait 6 hours again, but Eilif just rattled off exactly what he wanted right then. Again after he was done reciting his wants he started to walk away. “Do you know what you are going to call this one?” the geneticist called after him. Eilif turned around and smiled before saying “Kavacha”. Eilif walked out of the room. Then geneticist sighed, “That man is going to die a bloody death.” Eilif and Ragnarok worked together nicely. Eilif Accused of sometimes over thinking his actions and Ragnarok who always seemed to want to charge right into the fray. Eilif’s over thinking some speculated was because he was afraid of what might happen if he miscalculated, But really he just hated putting more work in to something then he had to. Quick and simple, weather that be “BLOW IT TO BITS!” or simply avoid it. “Now I was being called to babysit a diplomat? Things may have just gotten complicated……”

Eilif (a-lif) Diamond

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