Diplomatic Succubus


Finalizing Stats


Rose is an experiment of Shaman Hehewuti. Instead of being built to battle the machine, she was intended to act as a negotiator between houses in hopes of uniting the Tribe with the rest of the world, so as better to face off against the machine.
Her inhumanly beauty is somewhat betrayed by her large bat-like wings, long slender tail, claw-like hands and feet, and small horns coming from her forehead. However, all put together she reminds any man of those horrifying demons we all love to dream about…


In her human form Rose was astonishingly beautiful, especially for only being 13. She was tall for her age and her mothers strict exercise routine left her fit and limber. She has long, black hair and dark blue eyes. No noticeable physical defects anywhere to be seen, Rose was truly blessed with the looks most girls would kill for.
However, for her purpose that would not be enough. Shaman Hehewuti assembled her a beautiful flying angel form to use as her first metamorph shape. However, the original design was slightly altered when the raw, organic material used to fuel it turned out to be her recently deceased mother and remnants of her wingpack.
Rose’s angel form is truly a twisted image of what it was meant to be, but it is no less pleasing on the eyes. Her pale skin is contrasted by her long, bright red hair with matching eyes and lips. Below her hair lies four dark black tentacles that from a distance look to be long ponytails the color of her mothers hair, but closer inspection shows that they are each a long, smooth but textured tentacle. Small horns and slightly pointed ears top off her alluring, demonic face.
The rest of her is no less exotic. Rose now sports a body far too perfect for any girl her age and stands several inches taller then her already impressive height. Her hands and feet end in slightly pointed claw-like fingers and toes and a long, slender tail grows from her back, right below her large, powerful bat-like wings, remnants of her mothers wingpack.
Rose stands with confidence and pride at all times, clearly proud of who she has become. However, she is known to get lost looking in the mirror on occasion. Some say this is just because she likes to look at herself, but in truth it’s because her face reminds her of her mother.


When not on the job, Rose is an energetic ball of energy. Always flipping and climbing around, clearly anxious to get out and do something. She has a cheerful, optimistic outlook on life and loves being around people. However, this is all really just a front to hide Rose’s anger and hatred of the machine for taking her parents away from her.
However, when on the job Rose’s internal modifications take over, and she becomes a whole other person. Programmed by Shaman Hehewuti to be a master negotiator, Rose just explodes with confidence in herself. She becomes very soft and seductive, while often times showing a strong sense of arrogance and entitlement.


Born to a father in the militia and a geneticist mother, no tales of greatness were spoken of Rose’s awesome future. After all, who would think a child of such origins would ever amount to anything impressive? Sure, she was born with looks to die for and a way with words, but this is a world of war, not words.
When Rose was just a child, her father was torn away from her by the machine during a routine exercise. Ever since then her mother slowly drifted away from her work in the labs and longed to go out to the battlefield to take vengeance for taking her husband.
Soon after Rose’s 13th birthday, her mother would be given the chance to do just that. She had developed a design for a modified Black Talon using the DNA of a bat, thinking the creatures amazing flexibility and powerful echo-location ability would give astounding results. The first batch were finished and her mother was asked to test them on the field. Having been preparing for this for the past several month by training with the Falconers, she was issued a set of Falconer armor and wingpack designed to match her creations.
Upon her mother’s leaving, Chief White Wolf approached Rose and told her that she was now mentally prepared to enter the world of adulthood, and brought her to see Shaman Hehewuti, to decide what path Rose was to walk in life.
Rose’s mother had already pleaded with Hehewuti to give her only daughter a life away from the battlefields but meaningful all the same, and this was exactly Hehewuti’s intentions. While nobody can escape the battlefield for long without tying themselves to the gene-pools, Chief White Wolf was in need of gifted individuals who would go out into the world to negotiate peace with other houses, and Rose was to be one of those individuals.
Many days were spent deliberating on how best to utilize Rose’s gifts. The idea of her being a Biotic was turned down, as others would have a hard time relaxing around a being of such power. However, the tribe had recently started integrating Metamorphs into their ranks, and they had seen first hand the beauty of the Metamorphs Angel Flying Form.
Hehewuti went to work immediately, preparing the necessary strands to build Rose’s new and beautiful form. During this time Rose would enter a month long stasis within the gene-pool, preparing her young body for the powerful transformations it would have to endure.
Soon after entering this stasis, Rose’s mother would be killed on her first mission by taking a rifle round through the helmet. Her body was returned to the house and the harvesters had begun working on salvaging what they could from her. Chief White Wolf watched in thought, and decided that they should bring Rose and her mother’s spirits together, by using her mothers organic materials to design Rose’s angel form. The Harvester’s and Hehewuti wasted no time in salvaging everything they could from Rose’s mother. They even used the DNA from her wing pack for Rose’s own wings.
During her stasis, Hehewuti began to have visions of Rose at her core, and saw that she was no angel. No, Rose was full of anger and hate for the machine, and only her mothers love tamed that anger. Now with her mother gone, Hehewuti knew that anger would take control of her. So, they utilized what they could from her mothers mind and formed another consciousness within Rose to try and tame that anger. She also made adjustments to Rose’s new form to better suit the DNA being introduced into it.
Finally, Rose would emerge from the Gene-pool, only to be greeted by respectful silence. There Chief White Wolf approached Rose and informed her of her mothers fate. Rose was crushed, and was offered three days to mourn.
After those three days, Rose’s body had recovered from her modifications and she had come to grips as best she could with her loss. She prepared for her first transformation and entered her cocoon for the first time. There Chief White Wolf and other ranking members of the tribe waited to see the results of Hehewuti’s work. They all responded in shock when the cocoon split open and a tall, beautiful woman with a demonic visage emerged from within it.
Rose reacted much the same way, when she realized that her new face was not her own, but a younger form of her mothers.
Since that day, Rose is yet to return to her human form, thinking somehow in doing so, she would be killing her mother all over again.

Allies of Note

Being new to the resistance, Rose is yet to form any strong bonds with anyone outside of her normal relationship with those in her house. However, she has been issued a bodyguard by the name of Eilif Diamond to keep her safe in her travels.


Likewise, Rose has yet to make any enemies yet outside of mankinds natural hatred of the machine.


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